Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blue Porcelain Belladone Date Dress

This dress has been on my brain for a while.

Ever since I saw the fabric I was mesmerized by the blue and the white and the loveliness. 

I was also mesmerized by figuring out what pattern to use.
Early on my mind caught on the Belladone. This would partially be because I have not actually successfully 
made many dresses via a pattern, but I also really loved the silhouette. 

Due to concerns about the darts I swapped out the skirt for a derivative of 
The Selfish Seamstress' Coffee Date Dress skirt. And as I wanted maximum fullness of the skirt, 
as much as the fabric allowed, I used the waist curves at the top of the pattern pieces 
and with the help of my trusty yardstick and pins cut out a slightly wider skirt.

Before the skirt there was an annoying period of trying to figure out how to match the side and back seams of the bodice before cutting into the fabric. An evening or two was/ were spent engrossed in this challenge until I realized that there was a dart in the side which would skew any pattern matching so I threw up my hands,  matched only the back seam, and whipped out the scissors. 

Do do do. Along goes the bodice: shoulder seams; stay stitching along the neckline; stay stitching along the armholes to hold the back pieces together; visible stitching* of the back pieces when I decided to shift the zipper to the side seam; waistband; bias tape for the neckline, armholes, and cut out. 
The bias tape took quite a bit of more time due to contemplating whether it'd be visible or act as a facing. 

*Didn't want to try to match the pattern by turning the right sides together and stitching

Attach skirt, side seams, detour into pockets. I actually made pockets and was all ready to add them when doubts about pocket contents weighing down the skirt arose. The mind was made up when, as a test, I actually dropped my phone into the pocket which dropped both on the floor with a small thunk.

Lining: half circle skirt attached at the waistband.
Inner waistband to cover up the interfacing. 
Other alterations include 1" vertically removed from the bodice, 14" zipper instead of
whatever the instructions call for, ignoring the vertical bodice darts, lowered the armscyes by 1",
and stitching down the back pieces so that the cut out doesn't shift.

Next time I might add back that inch removed from the bodice, just to see what it looks like. 

I started with a little over two yards of a quilting fabric (yeah...) and in the space of less 
than a week** turned out this lovely frock.
Wee, now I'm going to rejuvenate by... not stitching?
(Blogging might take a hit from the sheer frustration of photo taking)

**Thank you The Monthly Stitch!
(EDIT: Of which I was too late to submit for the Indie Pattern Month Dress category)

Thanks also to:
and the Dress Up Party!

Basic Facts:
Pattern: Belladone bodice, Coffee Date Dress skirt
Fabric: quilting cotton (named Porcelain Blue) for fashion fabric,
 blue poly-cotton(?) pillow case for waistband and bias tape,
sparkle quilting cotton for lining 
Notions: 14" white invisible zipper

Stashbusting Piece Count: 3- 5 of 6 

(EDIT: the first publication of this post was a rush job regarding photos)

Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 Photo-less Recap

Wow it's been a long time since I last posted!

Many things have happened since: some projects finished, my accidentally putting the camera out of commission, my kinda going off of the Stashbusting pledge, and the normal things of work and the holidays.

I'm going to try to get the camera fixed and get photos of the finished items. But in the meantime, some reflections and plans for the blog.

And just cause I'm a bit lazy and I have a thing about the simplicity of lists, here's a list of observations and thoughts:
  1. I doubled my number of posts this year over last year (8 to 4!).
  2. I got tired of the pressure I put on myself to follow some of the Stashbusting themes because I kept wanting to sew up things that didn't meet the themes so I'm putting absolutely no pressure on myself this year in stashbusting.
  3. I will try to post once every month.
  4. Last year I started working full-time (finally!), but not as I expected in an office. I work retail with a provided shirt so my wardrobe change is minimal. In the time spent working in this position I've realized that my style tends toward casual, movement-allowance garb, though it hops into office-like garb at times. I'll try to sew more items that fit in this vein.
And for some accountability and a central place to keep some lists:

UFOs to hopefully finish:
  1. Khaki skirt
  2. Denim Sureau
  3. Red plaid homespun half circle skirt
  4. Grey Burda Danielle tunic
  5. Blue floral pintuck Sorbetto
  6. Blue tone Partly Sunny Frock
  7. [to be discovered]

A list of planned garments (with no pressure to actually sew, save for one or two):
  1. One or two dresses or skirts and blouses to wear to the brother's out-of-state graduation.
  2. Blue Porcelain Belladone (hopefully to be revealed this year!).
  3. Sky blue Belladone.
  4. Some warm flannel or flannel-like shirt(s).
  5. A shirtdress for the Autumn of 1000 Shirtdresses.
  6. Some skirts, dresses, and tops for Summer. 

My pledge for this years Stashbusting Challenge:

I, Laura, commit to using 6 pieces of stash fabrics in 2015.

Yeah, this post will not be noted for its beauty or its full-minded organization (how many so far have?) But it will serve for a later reminder of my state of mind around this time.

Friday, October 3, 2014

SSS '14 Weeks, Four, and Four-and-a-Half

Well I fell off the mark for week three, just wearing Me Made one day:

Tuesday(?) the 16th:

Top: Old Navy sweater
Skirt: Batik partial circle skirt

Worn for internet wandering and other sundry home things.

Sunday the 21st:

Dress: Light blue linen Cambie

Worn to church and then lounging around the house before work.

Tuesday the 23rd:

Top: denim camp shirt from Wal-Mart
Skirt: pre-blog black gathered skirt

Worn on a walk to the library and later for running around the house.

Sunday the 27th:

Cardigan: Old Navy aqua colored cardigan
Top: crinkled white JC Penney button-up
Skirt: To-be-blogged Simplicity 1690 skirt

Worn to church and sundry things before going to work.

Monday the 28th:

Top: green Old Navy t-shirt
Skirt: unblogged paisley microsuede skirt

Observations and thoughts coming soon.

Monday, September 15, 2014

OWOP/ Self-Stitched September Week Two Round-Up

One Week, One Pattern; go!

Sunday, September the 7th

Top: my poppy linen Sorbetto
Skirt: a microsuede skirt with uneven godets. Made pre-blog.
Worn to church and lounging around the house before work

Monday, September the 8th 

pretty much the same thing I wore on Saturday, but with a Target jacket for warmth. Worn around the house before work.

Tuesday, September the 9th 

Wednesday, September the 10th 

Thursday, September the 11th 

Friday, September the 12th 

Confession? I mostly wore jeans and both of my Sorbettos (I just changed them out each day) for the rest of the week, in part because the temperature highs dropped about 20 degrees overnight and I had a few days of feeling groggy and uninspired (which didn't help while I was trying to plot another Sorbetto). So I technically did complete the challenge of wearing Sorbettos all week, but lost steam in creativity. Hopefully this week will be better.

SSS '14 Week 1 Round Up

At last! (Excuse the bad pictures, I've had camera problems and just wanted to get the photos up. Hopefully I can improve on later photos).

September 2

Shirt: acquired from TJMaxx
Shorts: Me Made from before the blog.

I really really love this fabric. It combines understated colors with temperature-wise coolness (cotton), and a slight slubby-ness (which is why I have a ridiculous stash of poly shantung). Wish I could find more fabric in this color.

The construction is lousy so we aren't getting any closer than this!

September 3

Top: cotton peasant blouse
Skirt: Old Navy navy rayon, found on the clearance rack
Worn for a walk, reading email, and general home things before going to work (which has a uniform).

Given the 81 degree farhenheit weather I didn't look twice at my jeans and went with the skirt, in part to experiment with Summer wearability. Not a look I prefer for everyday life, but it worked for the day (and because I needed to do laundry).

September 5

Dress: altered from Old Navy
Worn for the same things as on the third.

I altered this before I knew much about sewing, which might be part of why it gapes a little in the back and is a little tight around the arms. Nice and cool, though!

September 6

First day of  One Week One Pattern!
Top: my batik Sorbetto
Worn celebrating a friend's birthday by exploring the nearby book shops

Well that's the first week done! (Full disclosure, I had to take these photos all in one day because of camera issues, but I do promise that I did wear these this week).

Monday, September 1, 2014

Self-Stitched September

Has Self-Stitched September lost it's appeal or usefulness?

(Image taken from So Zo)

In a quick Google search I found that SSS was last mass observed in 2011, back when I was new to sewing and pledging to wear all self-made clothes every day was a daunting task. Well my stash is now mountainous (it may have collapsed one of the shelves on my bookcase) and I can fairly confidently pledge to wear handmade a few days every week, so here goes:

For September 2014 I, Laura of Creating Distractions, pledge to wear at least one Me Made, altered, or refashioned garment at least four days a week.

Housekeeping details:
1. I will post weekly round ups.
2. Mirror photos are entirely acceptable.
3. I am allowed to repeat items, but only after I've worn all my handmades (ugh).
4. I'm going to try something, mostly as an experiment because I haven't figured out all the details and because it appeals to me for some reason. I'm assigning points for wearing my handmade garments: 1 for every garment worn this month, 2 for newly finished items worn. I was thinking of allowing myself some sort of prize at the end of the month if a certain number of points is met (22), but am indecisive. Instead I might use the points as some sort of statistic.

We'll see how all of this goes.

Oh! And I found evidence that at least one other soul plans to participate in in SSS '14: Jennifer at Sorting Buttons. Blessings and good sewing to her this September!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Linen, Light, and Bright

 With this photo shoot I have learned something about myself:
I don't like taking photos by myself.

 Before I realized that I needed to move myself.

Or taking photos in general.
But I digress.

I present my first Cambie. A wearable muslin (because I'm refuse to spend sewing time on something that I'm not going to use... although I haven't yet started fussing with button holes...) 
squeezed out of 1.33 yards of light blue linen...

(I suddenly remembered to smile...)

...and having been abandoned for the better part of ten months-- 
after completing half of the construction. 
I think I got distracted:
 1) because I was deciding whether to change the construction of the waistband, 
and 2) Fall weather came. 

I picked her back up because:
1) I wanted to have one finished garment after having two three months of UFOS and little sewing,
 and 2) The color matched the April stashbusting theme of "vibrant color." 

The construction was simple and lovely, even though I goofed 
by cutting the lining a size smaller than the shell fabric.

Don't think you can really tell, though.

Now for a little photo dump 'cause I'm not sure what else to say.

I've got to remember to stand straight next time.

Been waiting for the weather to warm up so that I can wear this to church.

(Photos, when cropped, in Pixlr).

Basic Facts:
Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie
Shell Fabric: light blue linen
Lining Fabric: a white poly-cotton sheet
Notions: 24" zipper

Fabric History:
Acquired the linen back when the only fabric I bought was from the remnant section, so at least two years ago. Chances are that was during my obsession to only make solid colored dresses. 
I was fortunate that Hancock's decided to call it a remnant even thought it was over a yard, 
otherwise I'm not sure it could have become a Cambie. 

The lining was part of a garage sale haul.

Stashbusting Piece Count: 2 of 10 (I won't count it because it was a UFO from last year)
Garment Count: 2 of 12.