Saturday, May 31, 2014

Linen, Light, and Bright

 With this photo shoot I have learned something about myself:
I don't like taking photos by myself.

 Before I realized that I needed to move myself.

Or taking photos in general.
But I digress.

I present my first Cambie. A wearable muslin (because I'm refuse to spend sewing time on something that I'm not going to use... although I haven't yet started fussing with button holes...) 
squeezed out of 1.33 yards of light blue linen...

(I suddenly remembered to smile...)

...and having been abandoned for the better part of ten months-- 
after completing half of the construction. 
I think I got distracted:
 1) because I was deciding whether to change the construction of the waistband, 
and 2) Fall weather came. 

I picked her back up because:
1) I wanted to have one finished garment after having two three months of UFOS and little sewing,
 and 2) The color matched the April stashbusting theme of "vibrant color." 

The construction was simple and lovely, even though I goofed 
by cutting the lining a size smaller than the shell fabric.

Don't think you can really tell, though.

Now for a little photo dump 'cause I'm not sure what else to say.

I've got to remember to stand straight next time.

Been waiting for the weather to warm up so that I can wear this to church.

(Photos, when cropped, in Pixlr).

Basic Facts:
Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie
Shell Fabric: light blue linen
Lining Fabric: a white poly-cotton sheet
Notions: 24" zipper

Fabric History:
Acquired the linen back when the only fabric I bought was from the remnant section, so at least two years ago. Chances are that was during my obsession to only make solid colored dresses. 
I was fortunate that Hancock's decided to call it a remnant even thought it was over a yard, 
otherwise I'm not sure it could have become a Cambie. 

The lining was part of a garage sale haul.

Stashbusting Piece Count: 2 of 10 (I won't count it because it was a UFO from last year)
Garment Count: 2 of 12.

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