Monday, September 15, 2014

OWOP/ Self-Stitched September Week Two Round-Up

One Week, One Pattern; go!

Sunday, September the 7th

Top: my poppy linen Sorbetto
Skirt: a microsuede skirt with uneven godets. Made pre-blog.
Worn to church and lounging around the house before work

Monday, September the 8th 

pretty much the same thing I wore on Saturday, but with a Target jacket for warmth. Worn around the house before work.

Tuesday, September the 9th 

Wednesday, September the 10th 

Thursday, September the 11th 

Friday, September the 12th 

Confession? I mostly wore jeans and both of my Sorbettos (I just changed them out each day) for the rest of the week, in part because the temperature highs dropped about 20 degrees overnight and I had a few days of feeling groggy and uninspired (which didn't help while I was trying to plot another Sorbetto). So I technically did complete the challenge of wearing Sorbettos all week, but lost steam in creativity. Hopefully this week will be better.

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