Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 Photo-less Recap

Wow it's been a long time since I last posted!

Many things have happened since: some projects finished, my accidentally putting the camera out of commission, my kinda going off of the Stashbusting pledge, and the normal things of work and the holidays.

I'm going to try to get the camera fixed and get photos of the finished items. But in the meantime, some reflections and plans for the blog.

And just cause I'm a bit lazy and I have a thing about the simplicity of lists, here's a list of observations and thoughts:
  1. I doubled my number of posts this year over last year (8 to 4!).
  2. I got tired of the pressure I put on myself to follow some of the Stashbusting themes because I kept wanting to sew up things that didn't meet the themes so I'm putting absolutely no pressure on myself this year in stashbusting.
  3. I will try to post once every month.
  4. Last year I started working full-time (finally!), but not as I expected in an office. I work retail with a provided shirt so my wardrobe change is minimal. In the time spent working in this position I've realized that my style tends toward casual, movement-allowance garb, though it hops into office-like garb at times. I'll try to sew more items that fit in this vein.
And for some accountability and a central place to keep some lists:

UFOs to hopefully finish:
  1. Khaki skirt
  2. Denim Sureau
  3. Red plaid homespun half circle skirt
  4. Grey Burda Danielle tunic
  5. Blue floral pintuck Sorbetto
  6. Blue tone Partly Sunny Frock
  7. [to be discovered]

A list of planned garments (with no pressure to actually sew, save for one or two):
  1. One or two dresses or skirts and blouses to wear to the brother's out-of-state graduation.
  2. Blue Porcelain Belladone (hopefully to be revealed this year!).
  3. Sky blue Belladone.
  4. Some warm flannel or flannel-like shirt(s).
  5. A shirtdress for the Autumn of 1000 Shirtdresses.
  6. Some skirts, dresses, and tops for Summer. 

My pledge for this years Stashbusting Challenge:

I, Laura, commit to using 6 pieces of stash fabrics in 2015.

Yeah, this post will not be noted for its beauty or its full-minded organization (how many so far have?) But it will serve for a later reminder of my state of mind around this time.

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