Monday, February 13, 2017

Into 2017 (Yeah, I'm Late)

2016 was a weird year for me, emotionally and personally. But it was a good year creatively.

Blog stats:
- 8 blog posts this past year.
- 4 were project posts.
- With 4 unblogged but finished projects swimming around the house. (From left to right: hacked Sew Liberated Gathering Apron as a dress, Lane Top in palm leaf shirting, stretch lace Scout, Simplicity 8022 PJ bottoms in cotton flannel with little orange foxes)

Collage format courtesy of

Eight finished projects over five from 2015, not bad!

Now to thoughts about this year.
  1. I'm not setting any do-or-die-trying sewing goals for this year. However I plan to sporadically follow themes for Stashbusting 2017The Monthly StitchSew Alongs and Sewing Contests, to finally enter something in Indie Pattern Month, and to finish more items (like 57 yards worth. See #3)!
  2. Refrain (more) from fabric purchasing.
  3. Per Stashbusting 2017 I measured the stash. 571 yards not including UFOs. It's frightful, seeing just how much I have, but so helpful because I've reacquinted with so many pretty and inspiring fabrics. I don't know that I can sew through 10% of the stash (57 yards for the year!), but I'll sure make the attempt!
  4. Have fun!

On the sewing queue:
  1. Black and pink floral rayon Simply Shift (Finished! Planning to blog soon)
  2. Flannel blues and turquoise modified Lane Top  (UFO)
  3. Watery black dots on white cotton Anna Dress (have an image, need to jump into the tracing, cutting out, fitting, sewing, etc.)
  4. ?

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