Monday, August 26, 2013

A Skirt and a UFO Blouse

Number Two (and a half? I never made any commitments to UFOs. Hmm, commitments to inanimate objects... or alien spaceships) of Six.

My wondrous friend, Grace, took all of these photos. She is about to leave to work abroad and we spent a lovely few hours together taking photos, exploring, talking, eating, being together. And just today I realized that I was a bit of a dunce and she might not see this post before she leaves! (Grace, if you're reading this, so sorry that I took so long!)

The construction for both garments is fairly negligible for talking about if you have some experience sewing. For those who want to analyze every detail (such as myself when I'm trying to figure out the mechanics of actually making the project) and those that want to hear less technically and want the basic story...

The blouse was started a year ago, from a length of ivory colored cotton eyelet with embroidery about the border and in/ on the actual fabric. I eyeballed the lengths of the bodice and sleeves by laying the fabric over my front, I eyeballed and gauged the length of elastic for the neck hole, and finished sewing everything save the sleeves when I decided that there was too much gathering about the neckline and the torso was puffier than I liked. Frustrated because I hand sew everything (one of these days I'll learn to use a machine) and there is a certain demoralization to have to unpick EVERY stitch, I hung up the then UFO (UnFinished Object) in the closet and largely ignored it. When the month's Stashbusting Challenge came I tried on the blouse, came up with the startlingly ingenious idea* to try a belt to cut down on the puffiness (success!), and decided to take some volume out of the sleeves.

* Just for clarification, I am being sarcastic 

The skirt is a length of rayon challis that I tapered from a tube, edged on both ends to prevent raveling (although trimmed and hemmed last), and one end sewn to a waist-length of 1.5" tall elastic.

So there is project Number Two finished. (Although chronologically it is Number Four, I have two Sorbettos that I must blog about).

Much thanks to dear Grace! Safe travels, my friend.

Happy sewing everyone! (Or happy plotting. But if you plot, do sew! Or knit, or whatever you do...)

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