Monday, September 14, 2015

SSS '15 First and Second Weeks

September 2 -- unblogged half circle skirt (first project finished this year) worn for book weeding and running around the house before work.
Fabric: stashbusted cotton homespun, multi-colored suiting for lining
Notions: 7" zipper, 1.25" tall non-rolling elastic for waist
Notes: love the elastic and zipper combo for these skirts! I can keep the small waist and flared skirt silhouette while not having to mess around with interfacing!

September 3 -- my first Sorbetto worn for room weeding.
Notes: linen is a great fabric for hot summer days!

September 8 -- unblogged third Sorbetto worn for room weeding (as seen in the background). Also my third finished project for the year.
Fabric: stashbusted cotton shirting
Notions: self-made bias tape
Notes: For some reason my Sorbettos made from batik and shirting have a tenancy of riding down low enough to flash the bra. As this doesn't happen with the linen version, I'm attributing it to the drape of the fabric.

September 10 -- cotton peasant blouse worn for room weeding.
Fabric: ivory cotton eyelet
Notions: 0.25"(?) elastic
Notes: No comment. It wears well. :)

Yeah, there's photography experimenting going on. ;)

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