Monday, September 1, 2014

Self-Stitched September

Has Self-Stitched September lost it's appeal or usefulness?

(Image taken from So Zo)

In a quick Google search I found that SSS was last mass observed in 2011, back when I was new to sewing and pledging to wear all self-made clothes every day was a daunting task. Well my stash is now mountainous (it may have collapsed one of the shelves on my bookcase) and I can fairly confidently pledge to wear handmade a few days every week, so here goes:

For September 2014 I, Laura of Creating Distractions, pledge to wear at least one Me Made, altered, or refashioned garment at least four days a week.

Housekeeping details:
1. I will post weekly round ups.
2. Mirror photos are entirely acceptable.
3. I am allowed to repeat items, but only after I've worn all my handmades (ugh).
4. I'm going to try something, mostly as an experiment because I haven't figured out all the details and because it appeals to me for some reason. I'm assigning points for wearing my handmade garments: 1 for every garment worn this month, 2 for newly finished items worn. I was thinking of allowing myself some sort of prize at the end of the month if a certain number of points is met (22), but am indecisive. Instead I might use the points as some sort of statistic.

We'll see how all of this goes.

Oh! And I found evidence that at least one other soul plans to participate in in SSS '14: Jennifer at Sorting Buttons. Blessings and good sewing to her this September!

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