Monday, September 15, 2014

SSS '14 Week 1 Round Up

At last! (Excuse the bad pictures, I've had camera problems and just wanted to get the photos up. Hopefully I can improve on later photos).

September 2

Shirt: acquired from TJMaxx
Shorts: Me Made from before the blog.

I really really love this fabric. It combines understated colors with temperature-wise coolness (cotton), and a slight slubby-ness (which is why I have a ridiculous stash of poly shantung). Wish I could find more fabric in this color.

The construction is lousy so we aren't getting any closer than this!

September 3

Top: cotton peasant blouse
Skirt: Old Navy navy rayon, found on the clearance rack
Worn for a walk, reading email, and general home things before going to work (which has a uniform).

Given the 81 degree farhenheit weather I didn't look twice at my jeans and went with the skirt, in part to experiment with Summer wearability. Not a look I prefer for everyday life, but it worked for the day (and because I needed to do laundry).

September 5

Dress: altered from Old Navy
Worn for the same things as on the third.

I altered this before I knew much about sewing, which might be part of why it gapes a little in the back and is a little tight around the arms. Nice and cool, though!

September 6

First day of  One Week One Pattern!
Top: my batik Sorbetto
Worn celebrating a friend's birthday by exploring the nearby book shops

Well that's the first week done! (Full disclosure, I had to take these photos all in one day because of camera issues, but I do promise that I did wear these this week).

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