Friday, October 3, 2014

SSS '14 Weeks, Four, and Four-and-a-Half

Well I fell off the mark for week three, just wearing Me Made one day:

Tuesday(?) the 16th:

Top: Old Navy sweater
Skirt: Batik partial circle skirt

Worn for internet wandering and other sundry home things.

Sunday the 21st:

Dress: Light blue linen Cambie

Worn to church and then lounging around the house before work.

Tuesday the 23rd:

Top: denim camp shirt from Wal-Mart
Skirt: pre-blog black gathered skirt

Worn on a walk to the library and later for running around the house.

Sunday the 27th:

Cardigan: Old Navy aqua colored cardigan
Top: crinkled white JC Penney button-up
Skirt: To-be-blogged Simplicity 1690 skirt

Worn to church and sundry things before going to work.

Monday the 28th:

Top: green Old Navy t-shirt
Skirt: unblogged paisley microsuede skirt

Observations and thoughts coming soon.

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