Monday, January 20, 2014


Stashbusting 2013


(Sorry for the uneven arrangement. I am still learning formatting capabilities).

So let's see if I can't make some sewing (related) goals for the year:

1. Finish one garment, alteration, refashion, or UFO per month. Try for to make a dent in at least 10 stash pieces (up from 6).
2. Blog each item, even if there are more photos than words (sometimes the best posts!).
3. Participate in at least one challenge for the year, other than Stashbusting 2014.
4. Participate in a Me-Made or Self-Stitched month! Which means I need to buffer my wardrobe with more shirts or just start wearing more skirts.

I have no major observations from the year, although...

1. The reason I was able to meet my goal was that I had (and still have) 
a lot of fabric pieces shorter than a yard.
2. I did make more of an effort not to buy new fabric.
(I thought more about what I bought, but still bought a decent length of fabric.
Maybe next year I'll be brave enough to refuse buying any more fabric.)
3. I was often digging through my stash, looking for fabric that I was not afraid of cutting into. 
Try to be more fearless this year!
4. I like making my muslin with a new pattern and then moving on to another pattern so that I 
have time to digest the alterations to make on the next iteration. 
Thus my me-making plods along.
5. There were many things I intended to make in order to fill holes in my wardrobe.
Never got to any of them.
This is a year for at least two of them!

Okay, there's some thoughts for the past year. Not very interesting, but helpful in 
thinking about what to watch out for in the next eleven and a half months.

And the pledge for this coming year (rather unambitious compared to others, but
as I am yet to learn how to use a machine I am very slow sewer. 
I am also in a period of transition, so sewing time might be hard-found).

"I, Laura of Creating Distractions, commit to: finish one garment, alteration, refashion, or UFO per month. Try to make a dent in at least 10 stash pieces (up from 6)."

Contrary to this bumper sticker:

Onward! Happy sewing!

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